Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What is The Glad Life?

What is The Glad Life?

It is a way to live, an invitation to savor life, to breathe in and out its beauty and grace.  It is the gathering of the blush pink rose, carried with love and respect to the old crystal bud vase and placed by the computer screen. It is form and function, inspiration standing by and giving hope to necessity.

Good form is important to the well-lived life.  Captain Hook said it best when he shared that his greatest sorrow was that Peter Pan had “good form” and that he was afraid that at the end of his life, he would be found to be without this essential trait.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Be Still My Soul

I am trying to be still, stay quiet, hide within the Almighty.  A pearl encased within a shiny shell, happy for the peace and security, knowing that when the time is perfect, the pearl will be free, but until, the pearl will be safe.  Still, quiet, hidden, safe, free.

Or a garden enclosed, with a swing.  Lots of lushness, greens of every hue, flowers exploding and all is new everyday. But I am, still, quiet, hidden, safe, free.