Monday, December 12, 2011

Practicing Mindfulness: Watching Family Movies

Their cherubic faces shine through the TV screen.  Seaside, Florida, our family vacation, 1996.  Matching dresses for the five daughters and love flowing onscreen from the young son who was elder brother and superman to his younger sisters.  He took them one by one into the ocean, holding them up so they could experience the “big” waves with him.  Helping them go where they couldn't go without him.

What is family?  What is love?  This season of family coming home, if just for a meal together before they go back to their work and their world.  Each moment is a blessing.  Each moment is a priceless gift. Watching their baby faces on a screen, then hugging their grown up selves as they return to their own homes, I am mindful of the absolute preciousness of time and the sheer joy of making memories.

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